Merry Christmas , Mufti Menk!

One of the best ways of understanding the bigotry of conservative Traditional Islam is to wait for the holiday season. If you’re a keen observer of facebook feeds as am I, you’ll get to see how conservative Muslims start denouncing Christmas, its pagan origins and start reminding their fellow Muslims to please not participate in this horrible crime on humanity nor even to wish our fellow human beings ‘Merry Christmas’.

Mufti Menk’s video popped enough times in my feed to prompt my response. Basically, the Mufti is telling us that since Christians believe Jesus is the son of God, wishing someone Merry Christmas is agreeing to this blasphemy. We are therefore betraying Allah with this simple wish.

In my opinion, Menk’s view is really the root cause of what’s wrong with the Muslim world itself (yes, that bad) – the presumption to say ‘this is what YOU mean when you say X’. Who are we to say what a Christian or what anyone means when they say ‘Merry Christmas’? We don’t but thanks to priests like Menk, we will have to presume that’s exactly what they meant.

Lets go deeper than that. Do all Christians believe Jesus is the son of God? Of course not. All we have to do is to read any book on Christian history to see that some Christians sects did not accept this doctrine. So ostensibly a Christian could just be celebrating ‘mawlidur rasool isa’ (the birthday of the messenger Isa). Perhaps calling Christmas that would make Menk more amenable to it since it sounds more Araby?

We could go even deeper and ask a Christian who does say ‘Jesus is the Son of God’ what he means by this? People don’t always mean what you think they mean, Mufti Menk. It could be that your own small-mindedness prevents you from eliciting their real opinions. If you asked the Archbishop Malkhaz Songulashvili from Georgia what he means by ‘son of God’, you will find the answer surprisingly acceptable to Muslims. (search on youtube for ‘theological reconcilation’ and watch a series where he outlines his views).

So even the meaning of ‘son of God’ is subjectively defined. We have no right to hereticise anyone. What we should do is to rather share our views and allow the audience to choose for themselves.

Wishing someone ‘Merry Christmas’ in this day and age is about wishing that person a great time during the holiday season, that’s all. It’s a very festive at end of the year and for Menk to insinuate this, it simply betrays his small-mindedness.

Merry Christmas everyone…hope you get the best presents and have the best time! Pass along your positivity to people and pay no mind to these bigots…

MPACUK – Subtle Racism in The Name of Islam

The language of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK) is simple (and sadly, highly simplistic). Their mission statement is to get Muslims to ‘be political’. According to MPACUK, instead of Muslims arguing over the minutiae of religious rituals, they should become politically active. Doesn’t sound too bad at this point, I must say. However, try probing a little more deeply and you will find that depth is where MPACUK’s tissues of lies get ripped apart. For example, ask them this:

Whose politics do you want us to embrace?

Asghar Bukhari, the deceptive individual who is the face of MPACUK, has never dared to answer this question. It is our duty as Muslims to speak candidly of our beliefs but I guess Asghar didn’t know that (It’s 33/70 of the Quran btw, Asghar). I am guessing the reason behind this is that Asghar subscribes to the idea of the Islamic state, that fascist instrument which would make the Third Reich look like Friends of the Earth.  I could be wrong but Asghar has declared his intention to murder me (on grounds of heresy)  should the Islamic state be formed.

Another article caught my attention today. I captured it as a jpeg as Asghar has been known to delete posts when he has been caught out. Here it is:

Mpacuk Colonised Names

‘our names are not Billy and Mo, it’s Bilal and Mohammad’ is the interesting quote here. Let us deconstruct this to unearth the subtle racism of MPACUK . ‘Billy and Mo’ are ostensibly White or Western names. This is who Malcolm X talked about when he used the term ‘oppressors’ and we can discern this from the context of his politics. Do Muslims who shorten their names hate their names? Not necessarily. How did MPACUK or Malcolm himself detect this? Unless they have some Allah-complex where they can look into people’s hearts, they wouldn’t know!

And what of Muslims who shorten their names in an Islamic mold (the human culture of Islam, that is). In the middle east, ‘Fatimah’s are often called ‘Fatoom’. In South East Asia, they are call ‘Fati’. ‘Muhammad’s are called ‘Mat’ over there. Why aren’t these chastised by MPACUK? This is also a cultural manoeuvre, same as ‘Billy’ and ‘Mo’ yet MPACUK doesn’t mention this.

In the case of the Salafees, it’s more drastic. You lose your own name and become Abu this or Ummu that, if you’re a parent. If you’re a child, you can either be Ibn this or Bint that. A more recent development is taking on the name of the spouse as well! You can either be Zawja this or Zawjatu that! But these things are not a problem to MPACUK, it seems.

How bout converts to Islam? Why are they encouraged to take ‘Muslim’ names? Is Islam a culture after all then? Or did Allah love Arabs so much that we are all to become pseudo-Arabs by taking on Arabic names. MPACUK does not denounce this practice either, it seems. Why, I wonder?

Because MPACUK is not about islam. It is about racism and protecting the Islamic tribe. They believe the identity of the Muslims should remain within the scope of Arabic culture (as are the names ‘Bilal’ and ‘Muhammad’ although strictly speaking ‘Bilal’ is Habshi). As long as it does, we are not people who ‘self-hate’. Changing our names to ‘Billy’ and ‘Mo’ apparently compromises our religious integrity. Such is the superficial nonsense MPACUK peddles. Our faith has been reduced to names now.
Except of course for one thing – the Quran nowhere mentions the culture of our names. Our islam is about deeds, not names. We do not become lesser or indeed greater human being by switching our names between cultures, let alone shortening them. Do not  be fooled by the ‘brand’ of Malcolm X. He went through a racist phase and this video could well be part of it.

This rhetoric is superficial nonsense spoken by a subtly racist organisation. They do not represent Islam. It is our duty as Muslims to speak out against this. I highly encourage Muslims to attend their events and question their motives before their racist poison spreads to the Muslim youth.

Adebolajo Hijacks Allah and Islam

Whenever Michael Adebolajo, one of the Woolwich Terrorists, pops up in the media, he is carefully framed so as to make a prominent link between himself and Islamic terminology. Islamophobes cannot ask for better publicity than this – an actual maniac telling you he is doing it for Allah and Islam and quoting (or rather misquoting) the Quran. Today the mainstream was all over this and I grew tired of listening to my God and faith being dragged through the proverbial mud.

The time for his trial has now come and of course the media circus which follows will rub salt in our wounds. Most Muslims in the UK were deeply appalled by this act of murder last May by these two men. As a Muslim myself, I am especially offended today that Adebolajo claims that he is a ‘soldier of Allah’! Soldier of ALLAH? Really?! If one were to read the Quran in the quest to discern the character or personality of Allah (such as it were), would one find the Allah Adebolajo claims to follow? Absolutely not!

Lets first analyse Adebolajo’s act – he masqueraded as a peaceful citizen of the UK when in fact, by his own admission, he was at war. Where did Allah actually tell him to go do this? Nowhere in Quran does it tell you to pretend to be peaceful in order to infiltrate a community whilst all the while plotting to murder one of its members. If you are a soldier, then you must declare your position as a soldier so as to let the enemy prepare for your acts of war. Adebolajo did nothing of this sort. Instead he used his British passport to travel to certain places to receive training and then return home. This is already unislamic.

Indeed if we were to read Ch 8/9 of the Quran (the chapter which Adebolajo misquoted, by the way) which describes a conflict between the system of justice and oppression, a very clear declaration is given by Allah and the mssenger (9/1-3) towards oppressors. In Traditional readings, there is even a period for the oppressors to gather themselves. 4 months to be precise. Why didn’t Adebolajo heed this pattern of behaviour? This is the proper conduct of war according to the Quran, the very same book Adebolajo (mis)quoted with his face in the camera for the world to see. Quite patently because he is not a soldier of Allah. He is a terrorist who used tactics of deception to reach his goals. He does not represent Allah’s cause but rather he imagines he is representing the cause of Islam. What he is actually contributing to is the cause of Islamofascism which brings us to the next point.

Let us not forget that the first two attributes of Allah, repeated as a formula before each chapter of the Quran is ‘ar-rahmaan’ and ‘ar-raheem’. Both these attributes are etymologically related to the ‘rahm’ or womb in Arabic. Allah is a god of nourishment and sustenance and protection – not one of cold-blooded murder.

Adebolajo’s case becomes more damning, he now admits Al-Qaeda (the media blanket term for all Islamic terrorist groups, it seems) are his ‘brothers in Islam’. This in itself will tell you Adebolajo’s agenda. Al-Qaeda’s end game is none other than the global Islamic state – that heinous instrument which aims to enslave humankind. This effectively negates Adebolajo’s earlier plea that he was doing to this to liberate ‘his people’, the very same people who kill each other more than any foreign power ever has. Adebolajo lives in a delusionary world, much like most Islamofascists.

The question we should ask is: Is this the goal of islam itself? Absolutely not! One of the most prominent principles from the Quran is ‘there is no compulsion in ad-deen’ (Quran 2/256) meaning in any aspect of the deen (usually translated as the system of islam), people should volunteer to practice whatever aspect of the faith They cannot be compelled to do so and yet this is exactly what Al-Qaeda seeks – to compel us to be unwilling citizens. So once again Adebolajo fails to represent what he claims to – Islam in this case.

For the Muslims who read this and wish to liberate our faith from the Islamofascists – analyse the rhetoric of Islamofascists deeply. They are usually full of holes and are anti-thetical to the Quran itself. Adebolajo is no exception to this but also look at softer groups which use highly academic language (like Muslim Public Affairs Committee and the newer Islamic Renaissance Front). These groups are not violent but try asking them what their end game is – what do they seek exactly by making Muslims political? Make them explicitly state their goals for all to see and you may be surprised. In the mean time, speak out against Adebolajo – he has hijacked our Allah and our Islam. Lets take these two terms back through our positive attitudes and action.