Islamofascism Rising In Birmingham Schools

Apparently, Islamofascists are gaining ground in Birmingham schools (you can read a report here) . We have the Brummie equivalent of the Muttaween (the Saudi moral police), boys policing how others (mostly girls of course) behave in schools. Can you imagine such a thing? They now want to bring their fascist ways to our schools! We must counter this at all costs.

The key to all this is to create a syllabus to show the liberal Islam people see so little of. Imagine, the above-linked report tells us that these fascists are confiscating EASTER EGGS! How superficial can you get? As if participating in an Easter Egg hunt will somehow compromise one’s faith. This is not islam buy rather Arab cultural supremacism. Sadly, Muslims swallow such superficial tripe.

Muslims, wise up before we ruin islam for others.

About Farouk A. Peru
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