Young Brits Going for Syrian Jihad – What Should Be Our Response?

Following Tony Blair’s comment on the danger of ‘Radical Islam’ on 23/4/14, the very next day, there was some media attention on young Brits going to Syria for the purposes of jihad (you can read the report here). It is true – young Brits are listening to call of the Islamofascists and giving up their lives for Syria. Given their lack of experience in that region and quite possibly not knowing Arabic language, they can easily be manipulated by Islamfascists hate preachers and made to commit murder-suicide. Their lives don’t matter to the hate preachers at all.

However, watching ITV News on t24/4/14 at 6.30pm, I was quite horrified listening to a family member of a young Brit who died in Syria, one Abdullah Deghayes (whose story you can read here). Abdullah’s Aunt, Amani Deghayes said the following:

  • No one expected this to happen (i.e Abdullah would get killed)
    My comment: He was going into a WAR ZONE. What were you expecting to happen?
  • The call by the Police Service for families to report on youth planning such trips will divide families.
    My comment: Currently Abdullah is dead. He is therefore separate from you. FOREVER. Which do you think is a worse outcome? A stroppy teenager for not being able to go to Syria or a dead one?
  • The Police are using emotional tactics to the manipulate the mothers of these youth.
    My comment: Telling the mothers their children will be killed is a truth proven by experience. Of course it will summon emotions. It’s meant to SAVE LIVES.

This Amani woman represents all that is wrong with the Muslim mindset vis-a-vis Islamofascism in our society. Deep down, they still see it as cultural protectionism and that acting against it is a betrayal on their people or on Islam itself.

In that news report itself one ‘Abu Haleema’ shows the truth of this prediction. His passport was either revoked or cancelled or was unable to be issued. He said, he has always been a peaceful guy and never intended to go abroad for criminal purposes. He then said ‘this is a war on Islam’. Brilliant.

We Muslims need to realise that just because some guy utters some Islamic holy words, that does not make his cause an Islamic one. Stop being so superficial.

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